Microblading (Semi-Permanent)  $600         Powder Brows (Semi-Permanent) $600

Combination Brows (Microblading and Powder) $700

Touch-up within 18-24 months of procedure    $300

Touch-up within 12-18 months of procedure    $250

Touch-up within 6-12  months of procedure      $200

During the permanent eyeliner makeup treatment, a thin line is applied on the upper and lower eyelash margins. This provides you with a “made up eyes" look.

Semi-Permanent  Makeup


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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup


Professionally shaped brows can instantly give you a more youthful, "rested" appearance! Beautiful and expertly shaped brows, customized in conjunction with your bone structure, provide an uplifting and refreshed appearance to the entire eye area.
Over the years I have mastered the skilful art of being able to visualize the natural growing process of how the hair grows through the brow line. I can actually see the hair pattern in my mind as I am doing the procedure on the clients brow line. I can then duplicate the hair growth one by one, stroke by stroke.

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Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Top eyeliner $400​​

Bottom eyeliner $300
Top and bottom eyeliner $500
Touch-up within 12-24 months of procedure $200
Touch-up within 6-12 months of procedure  $100