Cooling Vacuum Lipolysis

Per time  ~ $680    

PKG:     3 times     ~ $900     /      5 times  ~  $1200

40KHZ cavitation Weight Loss Treatment

10times~ $680

Rf  +  Lipolaser    Weight Loss Treatment

10times~ $880

40KHZ cavitation+Multipolar RF Weight Loss Treatment

10times~ $780


It is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce
lipolysis - the breaking down of fat cells - to reduce body fat without damage
to other tissues.In contrast, the Cool Lipolysis Treament induces apoptosis
only in fat cells to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer while preserving
all other tissue. And The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated
through the body\'s normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted fat.

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Cooling Vacuum Lipolysis
                     40khz Cavitation                          Rf Lipolaser                 cool lipolysis vacuum+lipo laser                 +40k cavitation+multipolar rf


 Radio Frequency  

Weight Loss

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 Body spot reforming weight loss treatment
10times~ $680

Face-lifting with RF skin-rejuvenation treatment
10times~ $680

Magic Essential oil & energy weight loss treatment(RF)
10times ~$880